Zumbühl Designstudio

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my latest discovery, a team of Swiss Designers winner of many prestigious design prizes, and a reference for all the people dedicated to objects and furniture design: Zumbühl Designstudio.


Composed by Jakob Zumbühl and Andrin Häfeli and based in the city center of Winterthur, this successful team has been working for many years on furniture and interior design.

The secret of their success is that they devise every piece of design as an object with its own identity and they have a completely original perception of things which is reflect in their products. For example, we can understand what that means when we take a look at their indoor and outdoor chairs:

Pluggedloung Outdoor


Pachific Minimallounge
Loungchair  link patchwork
Link Loungestuhl
Link couch

Designing the shelves, they have played with the concept of modularity, and they have built prototypes very easy to assemble.

Stelz horizontal urban gardening shelf system
Stelz vertikal urban gardening shelf system
Tetris Regal

Lamps have a prominent role. Always functional without losing sight of good design.

Nachttischleuchte townhouse

EWS01LED Storch

Their production is very extensive and it is easy to fall in love with most of their pieces. Visit their website and see it by yourself.



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