Today on our “retrospective Wednesday“, I’d like to introduce to you a revolutionary sofa from the 60’s, the Pratone, which means meadow in Italian.


Designed by the Gruppo Strum in 1966 and produced by Gufram s.r.l. (Italy), it has been devised with the purpose of instigating rebellion against consumerism and as an attempt to lure us out of passive behaviour, inviting us to mold it and shape it to our will.

It is made with green polyurethane foam to create an interior landscape and a real play ground, replacing the cold image embedded in a traditional chair.



Gufram decided to limit the production to 200 pieces but they manufactured 60 in total. We can find most of them in museums and art galleries but if you want to buy it, you can do it here.

An alternative and charming piece of design that broke the conventional schemes and went down in history!. design-follie-pratone-03-vitra



Via: Vitra Design Museum.


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