Freitag Tower

Freitag is a Swiss brand founded in 1993 by Markus and Daniel Freitag, two graphic designers who had the idea of making a messenger bag made with truck tarpaulins, car seat belts and obsolete bicycle tubes to transport inside their projects along the city. The result was amazing, a very resistant bags, all different, produced thanks to… Read More Freitag Tower

Vulnicura. Modular lighting system.

Continuing with the concept “Modular“, today I would like to introduce you the Project of a Swiss industrial designer called Anna Heck. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design at ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland), she had from her very beginning very original ideas that led her to make impeccable design studies. For her diploma Project she… Read More Vulnicura. Modular lighting system.

Modular sofas

In Switzerland renting a house is very common and widespread. According to statistics, only a third of households are inhabited by their owners. This lifestyle has certain advantages, such as mobility. You are not tied to a house and you can move out according to your needs, for example if the family grows or if… Read More Modular sofas


The role that light plays in interiors is fundamental. Both types, natural and artificial light, construct spaces and modify them. That is why, where we place the sources of light can determine the success or failure of the project. One of my last discoveries in this area is the “Hello” lamp by the Swiss architect and designer Stephan… Read More HELLO


Today on our “retrospective Wednesday“, I’d like to introduce to you a revolutionary sofa from the 60’s, the Pratone, which means meadow in Italian. Designed by the Gruppo Strum in 1966 and produced by Gufram s.r.l. (Italy), it has been devised with the purpose of instigating rebellion against consumerism and as an attempt to lure us out of… Read More Pratone